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Hikingin Axamer Lizum

Axamer Lizum has plenty to offer in summer, too!

Summer in Axamer Lizum offers an extensive area for rest and relaxation but also for action and adventure, and that only 19 km from Innsbruck!

Ideal for half- or all-day hikes, Axamer Lizum unfolds its gentle charm along 60 km of signposted hiking trails. Unshackled from the snow of winter, a fantastic natural landscape opens up to visitors with the typical flora and fauna of the Alps.

Plenty of fun and relaxing moments in Axamer Lizum!

Our recommendation

The Olympiabahn and the Bigitsköpfllift our open for you again this summer. In just a few minutes, you can easily get from 1,580m to 2,340m in comfort. Having reached the top, you can enjoy unique views of the Kalkkögel mountain chain - the Dolomites of the North - as well as the surrounding Alpine world. Sample culinary delicacies in the Hoadl-Haus and enjoy the summer escape 2,340m. The summer dining room is of course also open for you. Loungers and music beckon to relax!

At the same time, the Hoadl is the starting point for numerous hikes in Axamer Lizum.