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Piste grooming and snowmaking

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Piste closings and avalanche blasting: Skiing on closed off ski pistes and ski routes is prohibited and will be prosecuted. Skiing in forests, walking and tobogganing on the pistes is prohibited without exception. From the last inspection trip immediately after the last trip uphill, the pistes and ski routes are closed, because of the danger posed by snow groomers and cable winches among other reasons Attention! No protection against hazards! Please observe the closing of the downhill runs and ski routes in times of avalanche risk.

Attention: During and after fresh snow having fallen, avalanche blasting in the ski area – avalanche risk! Guests and ski tourers who want to stay in Axamer Lizum within and outside of the secured pistes during avalanche blasting, are required to contact management for their own safety.

Skiing accidents: In case of skiing accidents, please report with as much detail as possible to the cash desk or piste rescue services. The piste rescue services can be contacted on: +43 (0)5234 68240. Using the piste rescue services is subject to costs. (See notice at the cash desks)

Piste grooming: In order to offer guests the best possible pistes, the snow groomers of Axamer Lizum Aufschließungs AG are deployed every day during the winter season. Depending on snow and weather conditions, our staff will be grooming the slopes in the evening after the slopes have closed or from 4:00 in the morning.

There are piste conditions which would be termed as "poor" by guests. This, however, is normally not the fault of piste grooming, but external circumstances play a crucial factor in this. Despite meticulous efforts, there are "humpy" pistes, "icy" pistes and also "slushy" pistes. This mainly depends on snow and weather conditions (above all the temperature), but also on the number of skiers and of course your own skiing skills.

Please always keep an appropriate safety distance to the snow groomers. Do not cross steep slopes downhill from the snow groomers, as these may begin to skid down. In blind spots, in narrow passages and on logging roads, ski slowly with a maximum of attention and ready to stop at any moment, as snow groomers may come your way at any time.

Perfect piste conditions for leisure skiers

Fresh snow: When fresh snow has fallen, the snow groomers will be operating in the morning from 4:00. As the freshly groomed new snow does not bond well with the old snow before operations start, at 8:30, the slopes may seem very soft on Saturdays. If precipitation continues even during grooming, it can happen that the pistes groomed already in early morning have a layer of fresh snow by the time operations begin, making it seem as if the pistes have not been groomed.

For safety reasons, when fresh snowfalls during the day, renewed piste grooming is not possible.

Pistes during long periods of fine weather: In spring, snow can become very soft and heavy due to the high temperatures. This snow is described as "slushy". At night, however, the temperatures drop to below freezing point again and the snow freezes. This leads to icy pistes in the morning.

If the pistes freeze again in the evening before grooming, this leads to those unwanted "lumps” when driving over the pistes with the snow groomer. So in addition to our staff’s experience, weather plays the main role in piste grooming. At day, when open for skiing, the pistes are not groomed for safety reasons. Should you still see a snow groomer every now and then in the ski area, this may be because it’s being deployed for transport purposes or piste rescue.