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Ski tourers'evening

Hit the slopes and the lodges in the evening

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Every Monday: Downhill run No. 4 to Sunnalm
Open until about 23:00 The Singer family and team look forward to your visit.

Every Monday: Downhill run No. 1 (Ladies' Olympic downhill run)
free for ski tourers

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: Birgitzköpflhaus
Service from 08:00 to 23:00
During the piste touring evening, special treats are served in the Birgitzköpflhaus.

Ski touring - sicher & fair

Safety on the mountain and when skiing is a key concern of the sports department of the state of Tirol and also of Axamer Lizum. In order to give further impetus to raising public awareness and improving safety on the pistes of Tirol, the Tirolean provincial government has produced a video on the subject of ski touring "Safe & Fair".

Ski tourers ski at their own responsibility even on pistes. Alpine hazards, in particular the risk of avalanches, is something everyone has to assess by themselves. Carrying emergency equipment is mandatory! Ski pistes are primarily intended for users of the cable cars and lifts.

In order to avoid accidents and conflict, we ask you to observe the following recommendations in addition to the FIS-code of conduct:

  • Observe all the warning notices and local regulations.
  • Obey all closures of pistes or parts of pistes. When snow groomers are operating - in particular those with cable winches - or during avalanche blasting, life-threatening situations can occur. Therefore, pistes may be closed for safety reasons for the duration of work.
  • Ascend only at the edge of the piste and one after another.
  • Cross the piste only in open and clear places and with sufficient distance between each other.
  • Ski on freshly groomed pistes only at the periphery. Ski tracks frozen solid overnight can have a highly detrimental effect on the piste quality.
  • Leave the pistes by 22:30 or any other time as determined by the cable car operator.
  • Make yourself visible. In darkness or poor visibility, use a headlamp, reflective clothing, etc.
  • On ascent routes/pistes especially dedicated to piste tours, use these only.
  • Do not take dogs onto the piste.
  • Use designated parking spaces and pay any parking fees.

This video aims to highlight how dangerous it is to use pistes which are closed off for piste grooming.

Ski touring on the piste