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Toboggan run Axamer Lizum

The way through Axamer Valley has been used as a toboggan run for many years. Lighting covers the full distance from the lower parking lot in Axamer Lizum (1,530 m above sea level) to the debris barrier located at the beginning of Axamer Valley (990 m above sea level). It is also possible to toboggan all the way to the large parking lot located next to the Olympiastrasse - Kögelestrase intersection, after having crossed Hoadlstrasse. The full distance of the toboggan run is 3,900 m, the average downhill gradient around 14%.

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Toboggan run Pleisenhütte

Since winter 2008/2009, there is a new toboggan run in the ski area Axamer Lizum. At the northern end of the large parking lot, the way first leads along flat terrain to Schafalm Lodge; here you’ll find a small parking lot (space for around 10 cars), another free parking is located just before Axamer Lizum in front of the cattle grid on the right-hand side. Note! During the winter season, tobogganists and ski tourers are required to pay for parking on the large parking lot!

The toboggan run begins at the Schafalm Lodge: This first leads steeply uphill to the ski slope for a short distance, but then levels out to a comfortable gradient through the forest to get up to the Pleisenhütte mountain cabin in two wide loops. The cabin is located at the lower terminus of the Pleisenlift and is thus visited mainly by skiers; during the operating times of the lift expect large crowds here. But when the sun shines you can also find a spot on the terrace in front of the cabin.

In good conditions, you can extend the downhill run via the lift Bahn Axamer Lizum all the way to Axams to get a total distance of just under 6 km.

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Toboggan run Birgitzer Alm

The Birgitzer Alm is much frequented and popular thanks to the relatively short distance from Innsbruck and easy accessibility, the moderate walking time ("Wanna pop in to the Birgitzer Alm?"), the relatively reliable snow situation and the friendly landlords. In winter 2010/11, it was the toboggan run with the most hits on Calling it the most popular toboggan run of Innsbruck locals is surely justified.

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