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Parking regulations Axamer Lizum GmbH & Co KG

The parking fee in summer is 6,- Euro! If you buy a lift ticket on the same day, the money will be refunded!

Explanation Buy a parking ticket - during cable car operating hours until 17:00.

I do not (yet) have a lift ticket and would like to pay at the ticket machine in CASH or with a BANKOMAT CARD. 1:

1. insert cash at the machine OR press the BANKOMAT button, then pay by ATM card or credit card (under the orange field).
2. a ticket is printed - then there is a second section!
3. place the top section legibly in the car behind the windscreen. 4. take the bottom section to the pay station.
4. take the bottom section to the ticket office where you will be refunded the parking fee when you buy a lift ticket on the same day.

I already have a lift ticket (leisure ticket, Tirol Snow Card [only valid in winter], AGM annual season ticket, all Axamer Lizum tickets) - in this case you also have to buy a parking ticket. 1:

1. Press the first button from the top (LIFTTICKET) on the parking ticket machine.
2. hold the lift ticket on the orange field - a free parking ticket will be printed. 3.
3. Place the ticket legibly in the car behind the windscreen.

Free parking is not available before 8:00 am and after 5:00 pm!

The following parking regulations apply to the use of the car park:

- Vehicles may only be parked during opening hours with a valid and legally purchased (daily) parking ticket.

- Every (car park) user submits to these parking regulations by parking his vehicle or by purchasing a parking ticket.

- By parking the vehicle or purchasing a parking ticket, a contract for the use of a parking space is concluded. In case of refusal to comply with the conditions of these parking regulations, it is possible to leave the car park free of charge within 15 minutes of entering the car park. The subject matter of the contract of use is exclusively the use of the respective parking space.

- The custody and/or supervision and/or securing of the vehicle and its accessories as well as any objects in the vehicle are not the subject of the contract of use. The contract of use is not subject to the provisions of the MRG.

- A parking fee of EUR 10,- in winter / EUR 6,- in summer incl. 20% VAT per day is charged for parking the vehicle.

- During cable car operating times, guests of Axamer Lizum GmbH & Co KG will be refunded the parking fee on the day of arrival (same day) at the cable car ticket offices (except Welcome Card).

- Holders of a season ticket (= holders of a leisure ticket, Axamer Lizum annual season ticket, AGM annual season ticket and holders of the Tirol Snow Card [only valid in winter]) receive a free parking ticket (without right of refund) valid until 5 p.m. at the car park machine during cable car operating hours.

- In WINTER the car park is open daily from 8am - 8pm and is subject to a charge. From 20.00 to 08.00 the car park is closed and cannot be used.

- In SUMMER the car park is open every day from 4am to 10pm. From 22.00 - 04.00 the car park is closed and cannot be used.

- Parking tickets must be clearly displayed in the vehicle behind the windscreen. Parking tickets are non-transferable and may not be given to third parties.

- The Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) apply to the use of the car parks, except where special provisions are made, and the speed limit must be observed. Vehicles may only be parked in the designated parking spaces. The instructions of the supervisory staff must be followed at all times.

- The driver is obliged to secure and lock the vehicle properly and to prevent any contamination of the parking spaces by the vehicle itself or by passengers, in particular by the disposal of waste.

- If the vehicle is parked in the car park without a valid and legally obtained parking ticket, Axamer Lizum GmbH & Co KG is entitled to charge an increased daily parking fee of EUR 25,-- and to remove the vehicle at the owner's expense or to have it towed away or to have an immobiliser such as a wheel clamp fitted to the vehicle. The same applies if the parked vehicle obstructs snow removal or gritting, obstructs or endangers the proper management of the car park or is parked in reserved or no-parking areas. Failure to pay the increased parking fee within 14 days will result in an action for possession, injunction or damages.

- Vehicles parked in the car park must be roadworthy, safe and registered. Removal of number plates is prohibited.

- A low-value vehicle without a number plate, if it can be reasonably assumed from its condition or the extent of the damage that the owner wished to dispose of it, shall be transferred to the ownership of Axamer Lizum GmbH & Co KG after notification of the competent police station, which shall be entitled to exercise all rights and powers arising from possession in good faith, in particular to remove and realise the vehicle. The claims of any previous owners shall be limited to the proceeds of the sale after deduction of all costs, which shall be paid to the demonstrably entitled parties within 2 months of the application. After one year, the claim to the proceeds of sale shall lapse.

- Axamer Lizum GmbH & Co KG is not liable for the behaviour of third parties, including theft, burglary, damage, etc. Axamer Lizum GmbH & Co KG is only liable for material damage caused by its vicarious agents through gross negligence or intent.

- In the event of misuse of parking or use permits, these may be withdrawn.

- This User Agreement shall be governed exclusively by Austrian law without any conflict of law provisions that would lead to the application of foreign law.

- The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes arising in connection with this Usage Agreement shall be Innsbruck, unless mandatory provisions of the International Private Law conflict with this choice of jurisdiction.