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Skitouring & touring evening

On touring skis to the Hoadl at 2,340 m

There are two signposted ascents for ski touring in the Axamer Lizum. From the car park at an altitude of 1,560 metres, you can take either the women's or the men's run to the highest point in the ski resort. The 780m climb to the Hoadl can be done in about two hours if you are in good shape. After a snapshot at the summit cross at 2,340m, it's time to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the magnificent views of the Kalkkögel.

Ready for a thrill?

Off-season ski tours

The two signposted ascents via the men's and women's slopes can also be used at your own risk outside the ski season.

The slopes are not secured and are closed!

Parking fee: €10

Skitouring Night

Put on your skis or splitboard, switch on your headlamps and off you go!

Please use the Herrenabfahrt only for ascent and descent!
Sunnalm open until 19th of February!

Please use the Damenabfahrt only!
Catering closed.

Route 1 | Ascent via the Damenabfahrt

pistentour axamer lizum

Route 1 | Damenabfahrt | BLUE:

Start from the Axamer Lizum car park: 1,560 m
Head uphill towards the Olympia lift valley station
Cross the ski bridge FORBIDDEN! Turn RIGHT before the ski bridge!
Stop at Dohlennest
Destination Hoadl-Haus: 2,340 m
Height difference: 780 m
Length of route: 3.6 km
Average ascent time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Blue slope

Route 2 | Ascent via the Herrenabfahrt


Route 2 | Herrenabfahrt | RED:

Start from Axamer Lizum car park: 1,560 m
Start at the Hoadlbahn valley station
Intermediate points Pleisenhütte and Sunnalm
Arrival at Hoadl-Haus: 2,340 m
Height difference: 780 m
Distance: 3.2 km
Average ascent time: 2 hours
Difficulty: red slope

Impressions Touring Night

Ski touring - safe & fair

Safety in mountaineering and skiing is a central concern of the Tyrolean Sports Department and the Axamer Lizum. In order to raise awareness and improve safety on Tyrolean pistes, the Tyrolean government has produced a video on ski touring entitled "Safe & Fair".

Ski tourers are on the slopes at their own risk. The dangers of the Alps, especially the risk of avalanches, must be assessed by each individual. It is compulsory to carry emergency equipment! The ski slopes are primarily at the disposal of the users of the cable cars and lifts.

In order to avoid accidents and conflicts, please observe the following recommendations in addition to the FIS rules of conduct:

  • Observe warnings and local regulations.
  • The closure of a piste or part of a piste must be respected. The use of snowgroomers - especially those with winches - or avalanche blasting, etc. can lead to life-threatening situations. Therefore, for safety reasons, the slopes may be closed for the duration of the work.
  • Only use the designated and marked climbing routes.
  • Cross the slope only at clearly marked points and at a safe distance from each other.
  • Only ski on the edges of freshly groomed slopes. Tracks that have frozen overnight can seriously affect the quality of the slopes.
  • Ski touring is only permitted after 16:00 on Mondays and Wednesdays. On these two days all slopes must be left until late. 22:00 hrs.
  • Make yourself visible. Use a headlamp, reflective clothing, etc. in the dark or when visibility is poor.
  • Dogs are not permitted on the slopes.
  • Use designated parking areas and pay any parking fees (€10).

Piste tours - Bergwelt Tirol - Experience together

As part of the "Bergwelt Tirol - Miteinander Erleben" programme, the province of Tyrol is working with all interest groups to reduce conflicts between different sports and different users of nature.

For more information on off-piste skiing, please visit